{P,H,F,R} 3/29/2012

round button chicken


The signs of spring are everywhere in Utah, now.  Originally, I thought this tree was a pussy willow, but obviously I was was wrong.  These are interesting buds though.


This girl is so happy to be outdoors, climbing, running, jumping, etc.  She has been and will always be our little dare devil.


This guy is just an out and out ham.


I found this adorable t-shirt at a local coffee shop.  It says "Mommy's Little Leo" and has a little lion on it. I bought it because our little guy's name is Leo and I found the coincidence to be quite funny.  It wasn't until later that I realized the "real" meaning of Leo for this t-shirt had to do with the Leo zodiac sign. LOL!


Katie said…
I would have missed the meaning of the shirt too!! Those pics are beautiful . . . Utah must be so pretty!
Roxie said…
Love those beautiful mountains - lucky you!
Leila said…
thanks for joining! Love those sweet faces!

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