15 Years Ago . . .

. . . our dear Oleander was born. With a head full of brown hair and big brown eyes, she immediately distinguished herself from her fair-haired older siblings.  All of our children are special and talented and loved in their own individual ways, but Little O has never ceased to surprise us.  In just this last year we've discovered our quiet, reserved girl had a voice of her very own; we found she has a propensity for languages; we've realized her superior academic aptitude; and have seen only the beginnings of her deep spiritual faith.  Even 1800 miles away we are learning more about her and drawing closer to her.  We miss her deeply, but the joy she exudes reaches across the miles and reassures us she is indeed in the place God wills her to be.

Oleander with her name sake, Great Grandma Olive

Oleander on All Saints as Our Lady of Lavang

Ollie with Bishop Holley and Sister Aeiparthenos on her Confirmation 

Our beautiful, and reserved girl.

Ollie with her SSVM family.

God Bless you, our dear child.  We love and miss you, especially today on your fifteenth birthday.


Anonymous said…
Happy birthday oleander.


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