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round button chicken

I've been experimenting and learning more about how to use my camera lately.  I'm even going to begin participating in the MCP Photo Challenges again.  As I have a tiny bit more free time I'm hoping to spend more time improving my photography skills.

This photo is for one of the MCP Challenges--Photographing your subject from on high.  My pretty little boy is of course one of my favorite photography subjects.


Our neighborhood is filled with all sorts of outdoor sporting vehicles.  My kiddos have experienced being dragged on a sled behind a snow mobile, one has ridden an ATV, and then one morning our neighbor showed up driving this fun vehicle.  My kids were grinning from ear to ear and squealing with joy as he drove them up and down hills and spun them around doing donuts.

 Lil' Lamb loves apples, but he refuses to eat the safely and nicely sliced bits of apple I try to give him.  He wants only the whole thing.  I peel and core it for him and he just goes to town.  Karate Kid was the exact same way when it came to apples.  It really cracks me up.

 I took a series of photos of this ordinary Klean Kanteen using different settings on my camera.  This one was my favorite.  I used the Av(aperture dominance) setting, auto ISO, alongside the blue/green boost.  I got some nice background blur and the blue really does pop!


Leila said…
Thanks for joining! Love your photos!

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