More Photos of the New House

 The camera has been getting a workout this week :) 

I've been slowly, but steadily unpacking and redecorating the new house.  I finished a few more rooms and still have a few more to go, but I'm really loving what has been finished so far.

Master Bedroom
In our old home, the master bedroom was a calm blue and white.  The new house came painted and with window treatments and so I decided it would be less expensive and much easier to go with the color scheme already in place.  As much as I loved my blue and white, I'm really loving the warm golds and reds of the new room.

Master Bedroom Vantage 2

Master Bath
 I love the double vanities and the huge jetted tub, although I haven't used it yet. One of these days I'll have the luxury of extra time for a nice long relaxing bath.'

Guest Room 1/ Karate Kid's Room
Karate Kid will be home for Easter.  I think she'll like her new room.  If you are ever in our neck of the woods, this room is ready and waiting for guests.

 Workout Room/Extra Storage
This room has one crazy painting scheme.  Eventually we'll get around to re-painting.  For now it serves its purpose.

Wreck Room
This is the finished half of the wreck room.  It's a huge open space and we love it. Eventually we hope to put in some storage cupboards for all the school books I have currently stored in bins and possibly set up the air hockey table.


Tonya said…
Great pictures! Love your bedroom. I'm laughing at the "wreck" room. I always thought it was "rec" room, short for recreation, but I think "wreck" room is FAR more appropriate!!! :-)
Maurisa said…
LOL! Tonya, you're right, it is "REC" room. I'm going to keep it the way it is. It just fits. :)

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