Progress on the Big Move

This is just a quick update on where we stand on our big transition.

Wingnut's start date is January 9th.  We anticipate having the house packed up right after Christmas. Thankfully the military will be doing this for us one last time!  It's just about 36+ hours to Salt Lake City, and we are trying to determine the best route.  It would be nice to find a way to stay with family and friends along the way, or at least stay on military posts, which would save hotel costs.  Yes, Tonya@Life in Our Zoo, we are looking at passing through Colorado :)

We've decided to list our house here for rent rather than try to sell it in this poor market.  We can actually make money doing this as we can feasibly charge more for rent than our current mortgage payment.  We've hired wonderful friends to manage the property for us.  This was a huge load off my mind, as I could not see how in the world I could get this house "show" ready while homeschooling, taking care of our sweet yet demanding baby, and meeting the needs of the rest of the family.  The house will list hopefully later this week.

Wingnut is in Salt Lake City as I type looking at several properties we are interested in.  To answer Natalie's question from yesterday; yes most do meet many of my Dream House Mauri ideas ;) .  Some have asked if I trust Wingnut to make the choice without me and I must emphatically say that I do.  He has chosen every place we've lived except the first one, which I chose and it was an absolute disaster!  He's already driven around the properties and checked out distances and traffic and so far all look good to go.  Today he hopes to get some interior photos for me and we hope to make an offer on a house before he leaves Utah tomorrow.

So that is where we stand.  Things are moving along and I anticipate the pace will only pick up from here on out.


Tonya said…
As I typed in your blog address, I was thinking I should send you an e-mail to see if you're going to be driving through! Can't wait to see you all!!!!!!! Keep us posted on the move. We're praying for you all!

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