{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} Italy and Paris

round button chicken

Wingnut, Skoshi A, and Special K just returned from their pilgrimage to Rome, Notre Dame, and Rue du Bac.  I'm using Skoshi A's photos from their trip for today's {phfr}.  She did a fantastic job documenting their travels and came home with over 200 wonderful photos.  I'm hoping to post more here over the next couple days.


Love, love, love this shot of the Eiffel Tower.  


 Here are a couple of very happy girls awaiting a Papal Blessing following the Sunday afternoon Angelus.


 Can you pick out the girls from this crowd at Trevi Fountain?


 Real foot bones protruding from their volcanic ash encasing in Pompeii


MCH said…
Looks like an amazing time...makes me want to get on a plane right now for a return trip! Hope their audience with Papa Beni was wonderful!
Dawn said…
Wow! What amazing experiences.
Margo said…
that is a truly cool photo of the Eiffel Tower.
Lisa said…
How wonderful for them!
Grace said…
What an experience for your younger girls! I was impressed by the shot of the Eiffel Tower over at Like Mother, Like Daughter. Our family was in Europe last October scheduled to have a couple days in France. Unfortunately, the strikes prevented us from that. We were able to fly to Rome from Spain, however, which was a blessing & a miracle! Blessings.:)

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