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I'm teaching photography to a group of students in our co-op.  They are a fun group and very excited to learn how to take better photographs.  This last week, their assignment was to take a portrait of a single person and try to convey some sort of emotion or expression in that portrait.  One of my students emailed her photo with a long explanation that absolutely cracked me up and I got her permission to post it here. I did change the names of those involved and didn't post the photo (as much as I'd like to, it is absolutely hysterical).  Kids will say some of the darndest things!

Hey Mrs. Mayerle,
     This is my picture. It's not very good, I know. Its kinda blurry, and out of focus. I'm actually a little disappointed in it. First, my camera broke and it was finally fixed this morning. So that gave me today only to take a picture for photography. My mom was teaching, my dad was working, and my brother and sister were at school, and I didn't have anyone to take picture of. Then, my sister came home first so I asked her if I could take a picture of her. She was really annoyed but said yes. Then I needed to find a back round that would work. Then I needed to fix my lighting like 30 times and my sister was not very cooperative through it all. This pictures "emotion" is "interested" cause "C" said that if I was going to take a picture of her it had to be near the tv so she could still watch her special tv show. She was pretty interested in that! Pretty amazing...yup, shes a keeper! The pictures also took forever to upload. Sorry I didn't get it in till really late. Thanks alot!
P.S. I don't know what a mug shot is and I forgot to ask my sister. So I don't really know what I was supposed to avoid. Sorry.
Your favorite photography student:)


Jamie said…
Hahahahahahahahahha! It doesn't look like I'm going to be homeschooling but I think I kind of want to...

For Love of Cupcakes
Anonymous said…
Okay, it did not sound that stupid when I read it the first time. I'm glad everyone thinks I'm SOOOO amusing! I was just saying what really happened!


Your Favorite Photography Student
Anonymous said…
u r not her favorite i am so ha ha
and besides u r mean

skoshi A
Anonymous said…
It is SOOOO obvious I'm her favorite! I'm not mean! Your the one who is mean for calling me mean! You know what I think is weird?.....that we are best friends when all you ever do is insult me!


Your Favorite Photography Student

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