Do They Give Out Awards for Bad Parenting?

In 19 years of parenting, I've made some mistakes.  No, really, I have.  I also tend to be the type that beats myself up over the mistakes, real or perceived, I've made.  I certainly do not need my 16 year old son to help me out by pointing out some of the stupid parenting he's been the victim of, but he's here to oblige.

Years ago, when my older three were just old enough to tell lies and know they were telling lies I thought I had a very clever solution to their dishonesty.  I used to tell them when they lied I could see the devil dancing on their tongue.  This was particularly effective with our now 16 year old.  He could not stand the thought of Beelzebub jigging for joy in his lying mouth.  In hindsight, this now seems like an incredibly stupid idea, especially when my 16 year old darling boy pointed out that I told a lie to teach him not to lie.  I'm sure I've scarred him for life.


Tonya said…
You guys are hilarious!!!!

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