Bad Theology

Your family doesn't celebrate Hallowe'en? I can respect that.  There are a myriad of reasons to not celebrate it.  All I ask is that when you tell your children why they don't celebrate Hallowe'en, don't teach them bad theology.  Hallowe'en is NOT the devil's birthday.  The devil is a spiritual being created by God, who chose not to serve and became a fallen angel.  The devil was not born and therefore does not have a birthday.

And now for some Hallowe'en cuteness:

 Lil' Wingnut as Jango Fett.  One of these days we will have a halloween costume that is not from the Star Wars universe.  Right?

Lil' Lamb as Obi Wan.  He was supposed to be Yoda, but I couldn't find Yoda's head.  

Lil' Wingnut had practiced his trick-or-treat etiquette all day long.  He aced it.

You may notice our girls are conspicuously absent.  They spent their Hallowe'en eating chocolate in Paris.  Yeah, I don't think they missed being here at all. More on that in a later post. 


Michelle said…
Halloween in the US or Paris? Yeah, I don't think they will regret their travels. Seriously, somebody said that Halloween was the devil's birthday? I have a hard enough time with people who think it's a mortal sin to dress as a witch.
Maurisa said…
Yes, a neighborhood child is constantly arguing with my 5 year old about it. It's driving the 5 year old nuts, because he actually understands why the devil wouldn't have a birthday.
Katie said…
Paris??? Wish that was where I spent my Halloween too!

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