Does this ever happen to you:  You strip your bed and remake it with your fresh, warm, winter, flannel sheets and then in the middle of the night your two year old proceeds to throw-up all over the bed, blankets, sheets, and you?

Baby Wingnut had one of those nights.  Wingnut and I changed the sheets twice.  I changed Baby Wingnut twice and my pajamas three times.  Between bouts of puking, Wingnut and Baby Wingnut both slept soundly.  I just laid there, dreading the inevitable next round.

At 7:30 Baby Wingnut was ready to get up.  He's been absolutely fine ever since.  He's eaten and is currently singing and jumping around with his sisters.  The picture at the top of this post was taken this morning.  Does he look like a child who has spent the best part of the night vomiting? 

When I die and hopefully go to heaven, I'm going to ask God this burning question: "Why do kids only throw-up in the middle of the night?"


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