Acts of Love and Devotion

I was greeted this morning with a new toothbrush head.  My old one was looking a bit ragged and I think it is so sweet that he noticed I needed a new one. Wingnut is passionate about dental care and he has taken it on himself to make sure we all have new heads to our toothbrushes every four months.

Heck, when we were kids I don't think we ever had new toothbrushes unless we left our old one at camp or something.  I mean, we didn't really need new toothbrushes because we hardly ever brushed our teeth and  you can just forget about flossing!

One way Wingnut shows his love for us is his faithful attention to our dental health.  He flosses the little kids' teeth for them and makes sure they know how to brush properly.  I love that he cares for us this way.  It's just one little way in which he endears himself to us.  


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