Crack That Whip

Isn't there a law of physics called "from order to chaos?" That would about sum up house keeping and chores around here lately. I don't think there is a chore system on earth that works perfectly, every time, for every family or every family member. For that reason, we at times need to change up the rules and expectations around here for our little chore slackers.

Today was such a day. I am a firm believer in "if it isn't working, you need to change it." We have one child that knows what our expectations are and never has to be reminded to do her chores, brush her teeth, practice her intrument, etc. Then we have our other children. Today begins the new law of the house: Computer time is a privilege, not a basic right. To earn computer time, school work must be finished, chores, must be done and instruments must be practiced. The new law applies only to our children that have not shown enough responsibility in their daily tasks. Our dependable, sensible daughter has earned the privilege of unrestricted computer time. Hard work and diligence has it's rewards. That's our life lesson for today.


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