More Ballet and Comic Relief

Our last little ballerina is Special K.  While not as serious as her sisters, Special K loves ballet and looks forward with great anticipation to her classes each week.  This was her first year in ballet and her first recital.  She was extremely excited and could not wait to get on stage to strut her stuff.

Most of the recital is serious, straight ballet, but the littlest classes very often provide comic relief; all be it unintentional at times.  The ballerinas in the youngest group usually fall into four categories:  The very confident and serious student that everyone else watches and follows (that would have been OJ and Skoshi A); the not so confident, but still serious student who watches and follows; the deer caught in the headlights; and the free spirit who does her own thing.  The fourth category is where the comic relief usually comes into play.  This would be the category Special K falls into.  Her teachers described her as being in her own little world. Regardless, Special K was very proud of her performance and of the enjoyment she afforded everyone attending.

Penny Whistle Jig
 I'm not sure who thought it would be a good idea to give batons to a bunch of six year olds to swing around on stage, but thankfully no one was hurt.  I do need to point out the lovely First Position my daughter is standing in.  I'm so proud of her!

The Pink Panther
Special K watched a couple Pink Panther cartoons to get into character.  This dance was hysterical.


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