More Ballet

I've been preoccupied with politics lately and have not had the time to post the beautiful photos that were taken at the girls' ballet recital in June.  This will take a couple posts, as blogger won't let me post all the photos in one entry.

Our three ballerina's take ballet at a wonderful studio just five minutes from our house.  They are well cared for and loved by the owners/teachers and the three adore their teachers and ballet in general.  While I would have preferred the girls to have learned a more strict Russian technique, this particular studio teaches Cecchetti.  As a result, my girls have much more technical knowledge of positions and skills than I ever did, which I find very impressive.

Because Cecchetti consists of a graded syllabus, our studio holds a recital every other year while focusing on the syllabus during the off year. During the syllabus year the children are able to test and advance to the next grade. This past school year was the year for their recital.  The girls love recital years. They love the preparation, the music, the costumes and the stage.  

The following are pictures of Skoshi A, who is in Grade I and will be taking her first syllabus test in December; and OJ, who is in Grade III and began taking Pointe last year.  They both take ballet very seriously.

Brahm's Waltz


Grade III Pointe Work


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