Spoke Too Soon

Just after I published my last post regarding Oleander's mysterious ailment, Sister Hope called to update me on their latest trip to the new family doctor.  Oleander's new doc will be testing her for Lyme Disease (as suggested by some dear family friends of ours), and for various food allergies, based on our family history of food issues.  So far so good, right?  Then the doctor suggested Oleander begin taking an antidepressant, just in case this really is just a case of homesickness manifesting itself as a physical symptom.  Excuse me?  Every doctor she has seen has noted Oleander is very well adjusted and happy in her current pursuits.  Not a single one has suggested she is depressed, or homesick.  But this doctor wants to put my child on a controlled substance just in case she just might be a tad bit homesick???  That sounded crazy to both Sister Hope and myself.  That is one prescription we will not be filling, at least not even considered until Oleander has been tested for the other possibilities.

Oh, by the way, Oleander was still having digestive issues even when at home with us in April.  We'll keep an eye on it when she comes home for the summer, but as often as we have visited the possibility, the resounding consensus from the Sisters, most of the doctors, Oleander, Wingnut and I is Oleander has a mysterious stomach problem, but is otherwise healthy and content.


Anonymous said…
I wonder if she has much stress? She may not be homesick, but her body may be reacting to the stress of not having you there even with the Sisters there. I'm hoping everything works out and your family finds an answer soon. I'd like to think the doctor didn't mean any offense. Orleander is not a normal girl in an enviroment only few feel called to at a young age. He also might be covering his bases since so many people are "sue happy."
Katie said…
I was wondering the same thing as Natalie. I doubt she is depressed. She is probably very happy and peaceful where she is, but she could be stressed just due to all of the changes she has gone through over the past year. And good changes can be the most stressful simply because they are changes. And even being at home can be stressful because of the new home and environment. People deal with stress and chnage in different ways. Anytime we move, or something major happens, I cannot sleep. It can take me MONTHS to get back to a normal sleep pattern. And I would hope that I would be considered happy and well adjusted!

I pray that you find an answer soon.
Teresa said…
Even if she were homesick, who uses antidepressants as the first line against homesickness???

Unidentified illnesses are no fun. Hope you get an answer soon. I'll keep praying.

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