{P,H,F,R} May 24, 2012

round button chicken

During the eclipse on Sunday, I caught this image of a very pensive Special K.  She looks like a little doll.

We had a dump truck load of composted soil delivered to our garden.  One of our neighbors saw Wingnut and Special K working away at the pile.  He pulled up in his step steer loader and set to work.  It took him 20 minutes to spread the soil.  Apparently he's a marauding neighbor and looks for opportunities to use his  loader.  He reminds me of a very happy boy, playing with his trucks in the dirt.

Lil' Lamb has caught the baseball bug.  He's not a very good pitcher. . . or batter. . . or catcher.

We also had two dump trucks of gravel delivered.  Our marauding neighbor did not volunteer to help spread the rock.  Wingnut and the kids have worked for four hours so far, moving and spreading rock by hand, although they are using the wheelbarrow hooked up to the tractor.  They've hardly made a dent.  Our intention is to have the teenagers work away at it this weekend, but we may have to buckle down and rent one of those nifty step steer loaders from Ace Hardware.


Theresa said…
Too bad the maurader wasn't available to help with the rocks! What fun that he showed up for the dirt, though.
Katie said…
Ah, the fun of living in the "country" . . . I grew up on a small farm. I remember one summer as a teenager spending the whole summer moving a spreading rocks like that!
Lindsey Gallant said…
Hello, visiting from {p,h,f,r} - I love that first photo! The whole scene is lovely.
Anonymous said…
Love the happy photo. What are you using all the gravel for? I'm still waiting for pictures of your new place, but totally get that you aren't feeling your best. I hope you feel better and recover soon! =)

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