An Extra Pair of Hands

Karate Kid came home for the summer.  She just completed her first year in college, and she survived!  Not only did she survive, she flourished and received pretty decent marks in her classes.  Not only did she flourish, she excelled!  Her Freshman Seminar professor was especially complementary of her writing skills.  He recommended her for a tutoring position, which she unfortunately did not get due to a little nepotism but then that's life.  After grading her final, her professor sent her an email exclaiming it was the best first draft essay he had ever read in his nine years of teaching.  So what does this talented writer declare as her major?   Biopsychology, of course.  Karate Kid, suddenly a realist, feels there just isn't a future in obtaining an English degree.  Medicine is where it's at.  At least she finds the material interesting and challenging.  Who am I to argue?

One of the best things about having her home is how she just dives in and starts helping out.  Poor little Skoshi A has had a heavy load around here as a 12 year old.  Between being the oldest at home most of the day, and my being fairly incapacitated with my neck injury, she is pretty burnt out on homemaking and childcare.  Karate Kid has jumped right in helping with housework, childcare, and driving JayP to and from school.  She's also taken over teaching science to the younger three kids.  Skoshi A was way behind in doing her labs with my being laid up.  So far they have all been blood typed and have done a couple chromotography labs, and they've had fun while learning.  

We are so thankful to have our collegian home for the summer.  Life is definitely looking up :)


Tonya said…
Glad she's there! :-)

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