When Homeschool Science Goes Horribly Wrong

One of the draw backs I've personally had with homeschooling is many times science experiments do not turn out as they should. This can often be frustrating for me and for my children who want to see science up close and personal. For nearly eight weeks Oleander and I have been trying to grow mold on a slice of Pepperidge Farm Sandwich Bread to no avail. That got me to thinking, what is in this bread that is keeping it from molding? Am I really allowing my children to put whatever that is into their bodies? It's a scary thought when you really get down to it. Today begins a new day in our house. Today I begin making all or at least most of the bread in our house. Whatever is preserving store bought bread can't possibly be natural or healthy!


Sarah - Kala said…
Maybe I ought to buy that bread since the stuff I have been buying goes wonky in five days or less. It's aggravating!
Katie said…
I make most of our bread. I use a bread machine to start it to save time and then I finish it in the oven.

I had my bio class try to grow mold on bread last year (from their homes) and it took forever. Yes, there are tons of preservatives in most store bought breads!
The Panda said…
No no no no no no no! You don't understand! These preservatives are what make store-bought bread so healthy! They are keeping you and your family from molding! You need to go back to Pepperidge Farm or you will all start to slowly decay--ALIVE!

~The Panda
Maurisa said…
Ha ha ha, Panda, you're too funny :-)
Walter said…
Hey Mau,

The problem is no in the bread it is in your head. You are the first person I know to complain about your bread not getting moldy fast enough! What next...lines too short at the Commisary because of a vast Liberal conspiracy? Too many normal people at Wal-Mart...bad analogy because that would never happen...your property taxes are too low? Just because your bread has the life span of a twinkie doesn't mean you need to throw the leven out with the bath water. You want quick moldy bread come and buy some of the penicilin infested croutons we've been gnawing on around here...or put the bad next to some ripe bananas. I just don't think you need to boycott, picket or firebomb Pepperidge farms over bread that won't grow grass in a timely manner!

Love Ya Mau

Walter said…
Wow my spelling went south there for a bit becaus I have been eating too much pepperidge farm bread...the problem is NOT in the bread...Lines too short at the COMMISSARY...or put the BREAD next to some ripe bananas. I have chosen to self-correct to show how truly humble of a person I am!

Love Ya Mau

Walter said…
ooops BECAUSE instead of becaus...that dang bread!
Today an experiment went terribly wrong here. But not too much in a bad way except the mess on the walls, floor and curtains. And I think my shirt is ruined.

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Michelle said…
This was our 3rd year at trying to grow mold on bread and it finally worked! But the experiment to show that an ivy cutting could be placed in water and would grow roots after a few weeks? Nope. Nada.

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