On Tap for Today

1) Grocery shopping in the morning

2) Kids will be working on deep cleaning their rooms this week. Today they tackled their closets.

3) I'm making pie dough for three single crust and one double crust pie. We have been invited to friend's for Thanksgiving dinner--Hooray! I only need to take dessert, cranberries, and sweet potato casserole.

4) Turkey Harvest Salad for dinner

5) Tech rehearsal at the Kennedy Center from 7 to 10:30 pm.

6) I should workout, but I'm just not in the mood. It's grey and rainy and I can't go for a run. Nothing else sounds appealing.


Tonya said…
Running has sucked you in!!!! Yippee!!! :-)
Katie said…
So, you are a runner now!! So glad to hear!
Walt said…
Hey Mau,

Look at you! Zola Bud but with shoes!!! (Google it and the comment will make better sense) Next time I see you it's on!!! A death match race! One lap around the Mead High School track (reliving the old memories of Club RuRed, long bangs, broaches, The Breakfast Club and drivig the Dodge Colt) We will have a Texas sheet cake at the finish line as the prize for the person who wins. Loser gets to eat Crisco from a can! When the gang of 6 get done with deep cleaning your house I will fly them out to deep clean my place...they owe me for being such a cool uncle to them! Since you are making delectable pies...make one for me and ship it ASAP. There is nothing finer than a Mau desert! By the way grey and rainy is PERFECT weather for running you red-headed sissy!

P.S. While you are at the store could you grab an extra gallon of milk and some bread...I'm running low!

P.S.S. I'm proud of you Mau...no one works harder than you to daily be a better person in all ways!

Love Ya Mau!


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