Lil' Wingnut is a ladies man. How could he not be, with those big brown eyes and curly long lashes, right? He absolutely loves our little homeschool friend who comes to our house each Thursday and Friday. As soon as she enters the house he totally abandons me for his one true love, a ten year old heartbreaker.

Yesterday Lil' Wingnut was fawning over our friend, batting his lashes at her.

"Will you marry me?" he asked.

"Ewwww!" she responded, "I'm like seven years older than you!"

Poor little guy. His first proposal of marriage and he was turned down flat.


Anonymous said…
Hang in there lil' Wingnut. I promise, it gets easier. ;-) hehe
Sarah - Kala said…
How cute. Poor little man. ;)
Walter said…
Hey Mau,

Tell Lil Wingy that if you first don't succeed then try try again! I tried kissing your friend Pam, Tracy Kerr, Deanna from the first grade and a sundry of other fine young lasses and recieved the same uniformed EWWWWW from them. Did that deter me??? NO! I continued to propose and peck away until finally a beautiful young lady (4 years younger than me) said yes {in a momentary lapse in reason}. What impresses me most is that LW is aiming high...he is not sticking with those immature single digit ladies...he is making his move for the more "sophisticated" crowd. Good job my fine young nephew! The funny part will be if he ends up accepting The Call into priesthood when he is older!!!!

Love Ya Mau!


PS I need your Thanksgiving Dressing recipe know with the bacon and apples in it! Could you email or FB it to me?
Anonymous said…
Young love is so cute!

The dressing recipe your bro mentioned sounds yummy!
Anonymous said…
poor little guy. tell him sorry.
Tonya said…
Like Seth and N. :-)

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