The "Yes" Which Changed the World

Today marks one of my favorite solemnities--The Feast of the Annunciation/The Feast of the Incarnation. I believe it is one of the most significant days in human history.  Without Mary's fiat there would never been the Incarnation, the Nativity, the Passion, the Crucifixion, nor the Resurrection. The power of that one small "yes" is unfathomable.

I've begun the Impossible Novena honoring the 9 months in which the Blessed Mother carried Christ in her womb and runs from the Annunciation until the Nativity.  I have three very important intentions  for which I'm praying. I've heard this novena is very powerful and efficacious. It's not too late to start one if you are interested.  Here is a link to all the prayers.  It's a bit of a commitment, but well worth the effort.


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