Friday Favorites March 22

Books: I've moved on to The Anti-Mary Exposed: Rescuing the Culture from Toxic Femininity by Dr. Carrie Gress.  I have to confess, reading about the goals and tactics of rabid feminism has made my stomach churn on several occasions. This is an important book for our adult daughters to read for certain. They need to recognize the diabolical and dangerous nature of feminism.

Podcasts: I'm still enjoying listening to Abiding Together. Their current series is reflecting upon Searching for and Maintaining Peace by Fr. Jacques Philippe. I don't own the particular book they are reading, but they do such a great job discussing it that one does not need to be reading along to glean great insight from the Podcast.

Music: Casting Crowns is one of my favorite Christian bands.  I've been enjoying this recent hit of theirs: Only Jesus.

Articles: Martina makes a beautiful analogy between her comfy, well-worn couch and her own life in this post from Catholic Sistas.

Videos: I recently watched the five-part series The Moonstone on Amazon Prime. I really enjoyed it. Best of all it was completely clean and appropriate for most ages. Period drama and Wilkie Collins, what's not to love?

Shops: After completing my Marian Consecration last summer, I ordered a beautiful sterling silver Miraculous Medal form Caritas Dei that I absolutely love.  I have my eye on a gold one  for the future. Their hand crafted religious jewelry and devotionals are unique, lovely, and well made.

Food: This recipe for Chicken Marengo is a family favorite. We serve it over buttery, mashed sweet potatoes.

Prayer: I recently came across the graphic of a beautiful holy card of the three hearts--Jesus' Most Sacred Heart, Mary's Immaculate Heart, and Saint Joseph's Most Chaste Heart. I fell in love with it and the beautiful Prayer of Consecration to the Three Hearts. I've commissioned a water color version of the holy card from Katerina. I think I'll scan it and create holy cards from it once she is finished. In the meantime, here is the Prayer of Consecration:

Sacred Heart of Jesus,
Immaculate Heart of Mary 
and Chaste Heart of St. Joseph,
I consecrate to you this day 
my mind +, my words +,
my body +, my heart + and soul +, 
so that your will be done 
through me this day.

+Make the Sign of the Cross on the part of the body indicated


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