Friday Favorites: March 29

Books: I'm now reading Symbol or Substance? A Dialogue on the Eucharist with C.S. Lewis, Billy Graham, and J.R.R. Tolkien by Peter Kreeft. This is my first Kreeft book and it's been a very interesting read. The premise is the reader is a fly on the wall in Tolkien's home as he hosts Graham, Lewis, and Graham's chauffeur for a discussion/debate about the topic which divides the Christian demonizations the most: The Eucharist. Each character has a chance to express his belief's about the subject and then the remaining characters challenge that position. It's given me a lot to think about in regards to my own understanding of the Real Presence.

Podcasts: I listened to Patrick Coffin's interview with Abby Johnson and Ashley Bratcher, who plays Abby in the movie Unplanned. We hope to see the movie this weekend. The interview was absolutely terrific and I have great hope the movie will change many hearts.

Music: I'm going with a secular song this week because it is so fun. I'm an 80s gal and I was pleasantly surprised by Weezer's remake of an 80s classic by A-Ha--Take On Me. I actually like it better than the original. Don't tell A-Ha!

Articles: This lovely article on Saint Joseph: The Antidote for Decaying Fatherhood by Eric Sammon is fantastic. I loved this quote:

"Enter St. Joseph. The saints are our models for how we are to live, and each saint models different virtues. In St. Joseph we have the epitome of the cardinal virtues, and the model for fatherhood that our world and the Church desperately need. By embracing St. Joseph, and asking for his intercession, we can go a long way in reversing the anti-fatherhood direction of our culture and our Church."

Videos: I'm currently enjoying the 2017 mini-series version of Howard's End. I love the movie starring Emma Thompson, Anthony Hopkins, and Helena Bonham Carter.  This longer treatment is quite lovely and has the opportunity to develop the characters more fully. The costumes are awesome as well. I do love a good period piece!

Shops: My girls and I are avid supporters of Downeast Basics clothing line. Their clothing is modest, comfortable, and very good quality. They come out with new styles every month and their sales make their clothing very affordable.

Food: This recipe for Moroccan Beef Stew is my favorite stew recipe. I love to serve it over mashed sweet potatoes.

Prayer: Inspired by Monica at Dovetail Inc., who sent me the accompanying prayer cards, I began the 9 month long Impossible Novena, which honors the nine months Jesus was incarnate in the Blessed Mother's womb. I have three very special intentions I'm praying fervently for.

**I just discovered that Bobbi at Revolution of Love has been hosting a Friday Favorites link-up for some time and as I enjoy seeing what other ladies are enjoying I'm going to join her party. If you'd like to participate in Friday Favorites here's the link to this week's edition.


bobbi said…
I love Weezer's version too. Their whole covers album is great. The recipe sounds delicious and the novena sounds awesome, but I am so bad at completing novenas! Thanks for linking up!

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