{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} Sept. 17

{Pretty Happy}

It snowed here this week, at least in the upper elevations.  The mountains are so pretty with snow on them and the hillsides are dotted with earthy fall tones.  Of course, the skiers are extremely happy to see snow this early.

{Real Funny}

Our beautiful 16 year old daughter loves that she finishes her school work so early in the day, because then she is free to pursue other interests, such as gory stage make-up.

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Jennie C. said…
No!!! It's not time for snow! Even on mountains!
Oh my! Snow! Wasn't expecting that! So so beautiful though!
Love the make-up! ;)
Anonymous said…
That make-up should be required if, and whenever the "first date" shows up at the door. If it works, I'll get my 16 yr old to use it. :-O!!

the godfather
Chere Mama said…
Great make-up!! I sure could use her in my drama troupe!!

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