Kingdom Animalia--Lesson 9

Lesson 9-- Echinoderm, Porifera, Cnidaria, and Mollusks

Using a good reference book, or books, read about echinoderm, porifera, cnidaria, and mollusks.  Our favorite book for this lesson is Come Learn with Me: Animals Without Backbones.

Characteristics of Phylum Echinodermata (spiny skin)

1) Covered with hard plates and thick, spiny skin

2) Radial symmetry (a basic body plan in which the organism can be divided into similar halves by passing a plane at any angle along a central axis)

3) Live in the ocean

Characteristics of Phylum Porifera (pore bearer)

1) Simplest multi-cellular animal

2) Live in warm ocean water

3) Reproduce via budding (forming a new growth on the side of their bodies which eventually breaks off and anchoring to grow on its own)

4) Can regenerate (regrow) damaged or broken parts of their bodies

Characteristics of Phylum Cnidaria (nettle)

1) Live in water

2) Have tentacles (any of various slender, flexible processes or appendages in animals, especially invertebrates, that serve as organs of touch,prehension, etc.; feeler.)

3) Have a poisonous sting

Characteristics of Phylum Mollusca (soft body)

1) Soft moist body

2) Muscular foot

3) Thick skin or mantle

4) Usually has an outer shell


Student will be able to list major characteristics of echinoderm, porifera, cnidaria, and mollusks and give an example of each.  Student will be able to define radial symmetry, budding, regeneration, and tentacles


Younger students: Draw a picture of a particular species of echinoderm, porifera, cnidaria, or mollusk and use the biodiversity website to explore the animal's taxonomy.

Older students: Fill out an animal report form (this one from CurrClick is free and will work for this activity), making sure to include the characteristics that make this animal an echinoderm, porifera, cnidaria, or mollusk.  Use the bio-diversity website to explore the animal's taxonomy.


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