{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} June 5


I love this time of year. So many flowers in bloom.  This is a gorgeous lupine from a friend's garden.

White poppy

Dahlietta Dahlias


With our school year officially done, I am deep into planning for next year.  This is just a small sample of our books for history next year.


I was working on using the longer telephoto lens and trying to get Leo to pose for me.  This is him "smiling".  He looks more like he's planning some kind of mischief.


The posture of defeat after being struck out in baseball.  Poor, little guy.

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Love that look of mischief, so sweet!
Love that look of mischief, so sweet!
Chere Mama said…
HI Maurisa,
Your flower photos are so beautiful! I would like to see a lupine "in the flesh". Do they have a scent? Leo looks hysterical!

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