{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} June 18


So many gorgeous sunsets here lately


Leo loves the local splash pad,


I can't recall what he was saying here, but if he was saying something it was probably pretty darn funny.  His little mouth rarely stops.  He even talks profusely in his sleep.


This was my view during Ben's last baseball game.  I was running the scoreboard.  Our little team managed a 3rd place berth in the playoffs.  They played a great game, but lost by one point, bringing their season to an end.  It was a great season.  We had really wonderful coaches and a great bunch of boys as teammates.  It was absolutely amazing how much Ben improved this season.  

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Amanda said…
My goodness those shots of your sunsets are dreamy! Love them! And so fun with your son! I'm hoping to get my 4 year old in something this coming fall. Should be fun :)

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