Kingdom Animalia--Lesson 5

Continuing the weekly lesson plans for an elementary science unit focusing on Kingdom Animalia.

Lesson 5--Birds (Class Aves)

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves

Read about birds and give examples.  Our favorite resource is Eyewitness Books: Bird, but you may use any good resource you like or have available.

What are the major characteristics of birds?

1) Birds have wings

2) Birds have feathers

3) Birds have hollow bones (which allow most birds to be light enough to fly)

4) Birds have beaks

5) Birds lay eggs

While learning these characteristics discuss why birds might have these particular characteristics.  (i.e. What purpose do feathers have? or beaks?)

While discussing what makes a bird a bird, be sure to compare and contrast to other classes of animals already studied.


Younger students--Draw a picture of a particular bird species and use the biodiversity website to explore the animal's taxonomy.

Older students--Fill out an animal report form (this one from CurrClick is free and will work for this activity), making sure to include the characteristics that make this animal a bird.  Use the bio-diversity website to explore the animal's taxonomy.

Objectives:  Student will be able to list major characteristics of birds and will be able to give examples of birds.  Student will be able to explain which characteristics of birds make it possible for most species to fly and will be able to identify why some birds are unable to fly.


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