3 Hour Layover with the SSVM

We had a wonderful surprise on Saturday evening.  Sister Olivia and 24 of her sister Sisters of the Lord and the Virgin of Matará had a three hour layover in the Salt Lake City Airport on their way to their summer mission in San Jose.  We were so excited they were able to leave the secure terminal and have a quick visit.

There she is on the left.  Doesn't she look happy?

The last time Leo saw the sisters was when he was still a baby and was constantly being "stolen" by one or the other.  He grew to be terrified of women in veils. Lol!  He has lost his fear of nuns and they had a blast interacting with him.  They played quite the wild game of tag near baggage claim.

Even John Paul made it for the visit.  We hardly see him as he is so busy with work and his lovely girlfriend.  Leo was extremely happy to see his big brother.

Nadja had quite the conversation with several sisters about possible mission trips after she graduates next December.  

This was my favorite photo from the visit.  These sisters are just a tad cray-cray.  Our family definitely fits in.

I love this selfie of Sister Ollie and me.  She's so much like her dad, always making silly faces for the camera.  Boy, do I ever miss her smile and her laugh.

My kids were all so thoughtful in cooperating for this photo.  They all understood this will likely be the only photo of them all together this year. (sniff)

Just before they reentered security, we snapped several group photos.

and like that, they were off and flying to San Jose. (double sniff)


Chere Mama said…
Oh, what a wonderful surprise! They all look so genuinely happy. And I am so glad you got to see Olivia. God is never outdone in arranging lovely surprises, is he?
Just BEAUTIFUL!! What a blessing!! Great pics!! I noticed Sr. Olivia is using crutches, will pray for a speedy recovery for her.

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