After listening to an Abiding Together episode devoted to the three ladies' discussion of their words for the year,  I began to think I really do need a mission to focus upon for the year. What better way then to have that focus be a particular word?

The year is already a quarter gone but it's better late than never in my thinking.  I took it to adoration and meditated upon what God might be calling me to focus on for the remainder of the year. It came to me almost immediately--Wait.

I pulled out my notebook and pen and sketched the word and then meditated upon it's meaning.  I love when words can have multiple meanings and "wait" definitely does.  

The dual meaning in my case has to do first with waiting upon the Lord. Quietly, prayerfully, patiently waiting on Him to move. Waiting on Him and in His time for the answers to prayers and petitions I've made. Too often I am impatient and I want answers to be immediate and to my designs. Instead I am meant to offer up my designs and to wait upon Him to reveal His plan.

The secondary meaning of "wait" has to do with service--waiting upon others. This is already a huge part to my vocation as a wife and mother, so why is the word "wait" making itself so prominent in this regard? As I mediated I knew that even though most of my time is spent waiting upon others, too often it is done out of duty, without joy, and without love. A begrudgingly given service does not truly fulfill my vocation faithfully. I am being called to a deeper giving in my service to others.

So that is my word.  Now I need to put it into action. May God grant me the grace to wait with patience, joy, and love.

Wait for the LORD; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the LORD.
 --Psalm 27:14


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