Friday Favorites April 12

Books: I'm currently reading He Leadeth Me by Father Walter J. Ciszek, S.J., which is the second of his memoirs from the 23 years he spent as a political prisoner in Russia and in a work camp in Siberia. In this second book, Father Ciszek was able to spend more time describing his spiritual life as he struggled to survive his horrendous experiences in under Communism.

Podcasts: Returning once again to the three lovely hostesses of Abiding Together, I really enjoyed their podcast with Dr. Bob Schuchts, who is a marriage and family therapist and has written several books on spiritual and psychological healing.

Music: This week I'm listening to Matthew West's song Unplanned from the movie.

Articles: This article and slideshow on Aleteia explores the beautiful symbolism between the chalice used a Mass and the burial of Jesus.

Videos: I know I'm late to the table, but I've been catching up on the hit TV show This is Us on Hulu. What a great concept that is wonderfully executed.  The characters are very relatable and easy to identify with and the strong family message the show promotes really resonates with me. Chris isn't one for emotional dramas, so I binge this show on my own when he's traveling.

Shops: Our daughter, Nadja, purchased hand-made Norwegian Solje earrings as bridesmaid's gifts from this unique Etsy shop. I have an antique set of pewter Solje earrings that were a gift from an aunt and the creations from KAStrainKreations are almost identical in quality and very reasonably priced. The bridesmaids all adored their gifts.

Food: My family loves authentic Indian cuisine and one of our favorites is Vindaloo. This recipe makes a very close replica of the vindaloo we've had in Indian restaurants.

Prayer: Today I the Seven Sorrows Rosary Novena for my dear friend Christine, who was diagnosed with pre-cancerous growth in her colon and has been recommended for partial to full removal of her colon. We are praying for healing and that surgery might be put aside completely. 


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