Checking In

Just checking in with a quick post.  We've had a good start to our school year.  It only took me 3 days to figure out that I don't have to rush through everything and fight through it all with the squirmy grabby boy.  I'm having the girls do all of their independent work first and then they take turns playing with the lil' wild man while I work individually with them on their dependent work and then tackle some math with Lil' Wingnut.  Something about less screeching makes the homeschool environment more peaceful.

The JayP is actually taking his studies seriously, especially the online history course.  I'm really hoping he sticks to it. It will make everyone's life easier and more pleasant.  He has stepped up and has been pitching in more to help around here, too, without being asked. Apparently he recognizes I am down two pairs of helping hands.  Miracles do happen.

This afternoon we are popping up to Pennsylvania to celebrate the inauguration of the Aspirancy.  I can't wait to see Oleander.  I've missed seeing her face.


Sarah Oldham said…
You are an AMAZING woman! I sure do admire you. May God continue to be with you!

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