11th Grade Plan for JayP

We officially began our school year yesterday. It did not run smoothly, but we did survive and I am hopeful that once we get into a good rhythm the bumps and kinks will work themselves out. Our biggest obstacle has been Lil' Lamb. He's become a tad demanding and grabby. Working around his needs is going to take some patience from all of us. I do think I will save math with Lil' Wingnut and Special K until Lil' Lamb takes his morning nap. Most everything else can be worked around his squirminess.

I do recall I did not get around to posting about the plan for JayP's school year. We are trying some new curriculum with him and it will be interesting to see how it all pans out, but so far his attitude toward his new material has been mostly positive.

Science--Kolbe Academy Chemistry using the Prentice Hall Chemistry text
History--Keystone Academy Online American History (this is new for us, but I think a good fit for JayP)
Religion--Understanding The Scriptures: A Complete Course on Bible Study (this is an awesome looking course written by catholic convert and prolific author Scott Hahn, Ph.D.)

My hope is to take a more low key approach with fewer courses for JayP, truly focusing on getting his writing skills up to snuff. If all goes well we'll be sending him to the local community college to pick up his last math, a college level literature and comp class, and a foreign language to round out his transcript.


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