The Aspirancy

On Saturday we were able to travel to see Oleander and join the Sisters in celebrating their first mass in the Aspirancy house. It was a beautiful day to celebrate a beautiful mass in their beautiful chapel within the house.

This is the lovely chapel within the house. The Aspirancy received some amazing donations particularly to the chapel; a gorgeous tabernacle, beautiful statues (most notably the large Saint Therese of Lisieux), lovely wooden pews, and a treasure trove of sacred vessels and altarwear.

Oleander wasn't too thrilled to have her photo taken in her incomplete school uniform. Their skirts were not quite finished yet. I'll get another photo of her when we travel again to Pennsylvania next week for the school's official Inauguration.

This is the gorgeous old colonial house where Oleander now lives with her three classmates and three sisters.

Here are the first students of the Blessed Marie Catherine of Saint Augustine Aspirancy along with the three sisters that will be in charge of their schooling and formation, sisters from the local mission convent, and sisters that came for the special day from the provincial house in New York.

Family portrait minus Karate Kid. Hopefully she'll be able to join us on a visit in the near future.


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