The Tyrant and the Tenderheart

What has happened to my little lover? The little boy who once asked me to marry him on a daily basis and would greet me at the door, kneeling with a cushion in his hands topped with a gift of jewelry, has become a rogue. He is constantly beating on his sisters, especially Special K. He terrorizes them, hits them, kicks them, and pulls their hair. Our despot has been spending time sitting in time out due to his nearly constant bad behavior. Where did our little sweetheart go?

Wingnut had enough of the terrorist this last weekend, and after pulling Special K's hair for the up-teenth time, he had it out with Lil' Wingnut. After lecturing the lil' guy on proper behavior toward ladies, Wingnut did what so many of us parents have done, he offered to have Special K pull Lil' Wingnut's hair in retaliation. When parents make this kind offer we are most often met with silent faces filled with confusion, resulting in inaction. Special K, however, completely collapsed into a heap and began weeping at the idea of harming her baby brother. Tyrant, meet Tenderheart. You don't deserve her.


Walt said…
Hey Mau,

Ahh the love of LW! That little guy has stepped over the line finally from the cute guy who could get away with it to going rogue because he always got away with it. The issue comes with his inability to navigate the wisdom of his actions (as with most boys). This is where the brain gets confused with the gluteus maximus and what he sees as cute copareed to how the rest of the world's defines it (hardly ever interchangable). He pulls the hair thinking I get the lovely response from Kitty Kat that I'm looking for and then I tell mom that I want to marry her...and get away scot free! The disappointing fact is Kitty Kat's response; not because of her act of mercy only the lack of proportional judgement handed back to LW. If that would have been Jaylee given the opportunity...all I have to say is NUCLEAR OPTION Lil' Wingy! She would have rained down fire on my fine young and misguided nephew. But...the problem would be solved. She does that on her siblings already...without provocation!

Love Ya Mau,


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