Not Such a Daredevil After All

Wingnut took the day off yesterday so we could take the family to Six Flags for Federal Employee Appreciation Days.  In other words, we didn't have to take out a second mortgage to pay for the day.  We only live 2 miles from the amusement park, but in the 7 years we have lived here, this was only the second time we have amused ourselves there.

I really do not like roller coasters.  I can't stand waiting to get on.  I'm terrified I'll be one of those people you read about that has a heart attack on a roller coaster.  Just waiting in line makes my heart start pounding and my hands start sweating.  I also can not abide that climb to the top of a coaster.  It's the ominous clickety-clack noise as the car makes it's way to the top. Once the ride gets going I actually enjoy myself, but the family usually has to harangue me all day to get me to go one just one coaster.  I managed to go on two, yesterday.  Neither had a long wait in line, nor a steep climb to the top.  Heart attack, happily avoided.

Wingnut took the four oldest junior Wingnuts and they all rode to their little hearts' content on every ride they were tall enough for.  I spent my day in the kiddie park with Baby Wingnut and the Tornado.  I had a blast on the carousel, old fashioned cars, kiddie bulldozers and balloon ride with my little ones.  

Special K didn't earn the nick name "Tornado" for nothing.  She is pretty fearless and decided she wanted to try a ride on her own.  She very happily clamored into her seat with other big kids and I managed to take several photos of her on the ride.  Let's just say, she may not be such a daredevil after all. . .

Here she is, full of confidence and ready to go.
This is the point where she begins to think, "Wait just one minute. I'm not so sure about this"
Here she is, clinging on for dear life.  I feel for you kid.  Really I do.
She was just a little ticked.  "I didn't like that AT ALL!"

I am such a horrible mother.  I was laughing so hard, I can't believe I got such great shots. 


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