Busting Their Chops

One of the coolest things about being a military family are the opportunities for living overseas. Our family spent three years in Okinawa, Japan.  One of our children was even born there and she still refers to herself as being part Japanese.  Ever since our stay in Japan, our children have been fascinated with all things Japanese.  Our oldest three have fond memories of fantastic parks, beaches and festivals. 

The kids are now on a chopstick kick.  They have been begging for chopsticks for months now.  I was able to pick up some wooden, disposal chopsticks at the commissary several weeks ago. Tonight was the big night to try out the new utensils.  Karate Kid has it down pat.  Stat Boy decided he couldn't shovel fast enough and went immediately back to the fork.  OJ managed a scooping technique.  The younger three were much more fun to watch, and photograph.


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