Don't Forget Your Lipstick

I have been getting up early most every morning this summer and heading out with my heavy hands to walk about 3-4 miles in my neighborhood.  This morning I wasn't feeling energetic at all, but I managed to haul my dead body out the door and trudged down the street.  About 3/4 of a mile into my walk I passed a woman I see most every morning on my walks.  As she passed me I was struck with how nicely she was dressed.  She was not wearing what I would call classic workout wear at all.  She was dressed in a spangled blouse and black leggings.  She wore a cute beret and huge bangle earrings.  She was even wearing make up and PERFUME!  I was about bowled over by it. I found the whole thing pretty comical, but I'll tell you, it got me through the rest of my walk and I didn't once think about how I hated being out for a walk this morning.  I'm pretty sure she is out every morning, like me, just trying to get some exercise, but she does it with such style.


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