Wishing Her a Happy Birthday from Far Away

Today is our dear Oleander's sweet 16th birthday.  We called her this morning and sang to her.  It wasn't the same as having her here.  It is hard having one so young be far from us on her special day.  The sister's have grand plans and consulted me on meal and cake choices.  I sure hope Oleander is happy with the ideas I gave them.  They are trying hard to make her sweet 16 a special day.  It will never be like it is at home, but it will be a wonderful effort and greatly appreciated on all accounts.  Before she blows out her 16 candles, we'll connect via FaceTime.  We may not be "together" tonight, but we'll be as close as we possibly can be, thanks to the wonderful world of technology!

{Ollie on one of the happiest days of her life; her confirmation day, with her godfather and sponsor}

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