I Love Him Already

  It was an absolutely beautiful and humble moment when our new Holy Father asked for the prayers of the faithful and bowed his head to receive them.  I can't tell you how much I love him already.

There were several moments of stunned silence as I tried to decipher who had been announced as our new pope.  I scrolled through the names on New Advent's list of front runners until I found a George, as that was the only word I recognized and then I screamed in excitement:  "He's from South America! He's from Argentina!"  You see, there is a significance to his being from Argentina.  Our lovely daughter,  Ollie, has a connection to Argentina as that is the country from which the IVE and Sister Servants of the Lord originated.  The Sister Servants run the Aspirancy Oleander attends.  The Sister Servants are beyond excited to have a Holy Father from their homeland, as you might imagine.

During our Sede Vacante I posted some photos of our boys who've all been named after popes and postulated our new one might take the name Leo.  Of course, our kiddos were a bit disappointed Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio did not take the Leo, until we realized we also have a Francis, although he is now in heaven.  It was such an exciting afternoon.  Surprising, as Pope Francis seemed to break all the "rules" but still filled with jubilation.


bobbi said…
You took the words right out of my mouth. As soon as I saw him bow his head I too said, "I love him already." :-)

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