Utah It Is

Wingnut interviewed for and was offered the job in Utah and we took it.  We've been praying a lot about this decision and have both felt this is the direction the Lord is taking us.  I feel pretty good about it.  It will be a big stressor trying to get this house ready for market and I imagine we may not sell but will end up renting it, but I'm okay with that.

I was telling Special K the other day, God very often points you in the direction He wills for you to go, it doesn't mean that path will be an easy one.  You'll just feel a sense of peace about it, even amidst the stress.

The JayP is not very happy about the move, and we didn't expect him to be.  Fortunately, he has been pestering me about going to school and we've decided we will enroll him once we are there.  Wingnut even visited the school yesterday and feels great about doing this for the JayP.  It's a small, orthodox, catholic high school with about 200 students.  He had a long conversation with the principal and came away impressed and relieved.  Best of all for the JayP, the athletic program is no-cut, meaning he will be able to play the sports of his choice without having to worry about being cut!

Please continue to pray for us.  We know there are a lot of obstacles and draw backs to making this move smooth.

Saint Joseph, pray for us!


St Joseph is a special patron, so we will definitely be asking his intercession for you! I know this is a stressful but exciting time. Can't wait to hear about your adventures in Utah!
Bruno and Debbie said…
We are so sincerely happy for your beautiful family that God has opened this door for you, but we are just not happy one bit that you'll be so far away!!!

We hope that by sharing in our "best, worst time" we didn't push you over the border. We are so grateful for that special time we had together. To say that we will miss you is a major understatement, but God's will be done.

You are in our prayers and ALWAYS in our hearts. We know that good and gentle St. Joseph will intercede so generously for you as he did for us. God bless you all. We love you forever.
Walt said…
Hey Mau,

Well to the chagrin of your faithful readers I do have to say...I'm stoked to have you wayyyyy closer to home!

Love ya Mau,

Michelle said…
That will be a fabulous change of pace from the DC area. Exciting!
Anonymous said…
Will you continue your blog?
Maurisa said…

Yes, I plan to continue blogging. It might be intermittent now and then between moving and having a baby that requires and deserves my loving attention, but I enjoy writing and I hope to continue to do so here.

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