{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} October 13

round button chicken

 My two youngest daughters modeling the very cool feather headbands #1 daughter brought home from 

 Lil' Wingnut happily reading the story of one of his favorite saints.

 Rolly polly boy

We are in big trouble.  Our little one is extremely curious and is into everything already. Oh, and he's mobile!


*kate said…
I love your {funny}! Nothing better than a chubby baby :)
Leila said…
Oh, that baby is big trouble!! :)

Thanks for joining!
Lisa said…
Oh, that little chubby fellow is SO CUTE!
Anonymous said…
Little Leo is so stinkin' cute! I've never had cute chubby babies so I really have to ask, is it hard to clean between those rolls?
Nonni said…
That is one delish belly on that baby! Babies in diapers with pacis always crack me up! I'm not exactly sure why -- there's something so delightful about them!
Conservamom said…
That little rolly polly is so cute!! Aren't they yummy at that age??

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