The Last First

Leo has waited an entire year to finally receive the Body and Blood of Jesus for the first time.  We waited because his godparents wanted to be a part of his special day.  He also requested to receive at a Tridentine Mass for his first time and so we made arrangements to do that with our wonderful and accommodating parish priest, Father Erik.

This is our last First Holy Communion. It's definitely bitter-sweet to be in this position. It just brings home once again how quickly time does fly.

Leo and Katerina

Leo and his best buddy, Ben

Leo, Nadja, Tim and baby

Leo and his awesome godparents

Leo and Angela (I cannot explain this photo. Sigh.)

Leo and John Paul (JP recently broke his ankle riding a Lime scooter. He had to have surgery to repair it. It's gonna be a long summer for him.)

Father Erik and Leo (We love this priest. I'm heartbroken he is being reassigned in August)

I had to discreetly take this photo of Ben and his buddy Gregory with Father Erik at the Elevation. These two boys are among the very few trained in the Tradition Latin Mass in our diocese. We are unsure what will happen to our regular TLM when Father Erik leaves for his new assignment.


Eloquent Adrika said…
Your pictures are so immaculate and attractive. I absolutely loved it!

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