If You've Ever Had Doubts About Divine Mercy Sunday

I've recently become aware of the issues many traditionalists have with the Divine Mercy Devotion. Divine Mercy Sunday is not even celebrated in the Traditional Latin Mass. I, myself, have had some lingering little doubts, especially in what I felt were oddities in Saint Faustina's writings.  Thankfully, I came across this post by Father Dave Nix, who is a very traditionally minded priest.  He heartily defends the devotion while also linking to traditionalists who disagree with it.  It's well worth a read.

After this past Divine Mercy Sunday, I will doubt no longer.  Our parish held a celebration for the entire deanery with confession, public recitation/chanting of the Divine Mercy Chaplet, a beautiful Mass celebrated by our bishop, and a lovely reception afterward.  When we arrived at the church, 45 minutes early, the parking lot was packed.  Upon entering the church we witnessed lines stretching out into the vestibule for confession.  We had four priests available and they heard confessions beginning at 1 pm and continued to hear confessions until the end of the Mass at 4:30 pm. I was absolutely astounded by the desire folks had to avail themselves of confession on Divine Mercy Sunday.  What a blessing! The faithful seeking out the sacrament of penance in this single celebration has re-strengthened my own belief in the Divine Mercy message and devotion. Jesus, I trust in You!


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