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Life has been crazy busy and I have had little time or inclination to blog.  Let me assure you, we are all well.  Homeschooling, of course, takes a fair amount of our time and I've taken on a few extra things which account for how little time I can devote here. Even photography has taken a back burner to everything else!  

We have joined a co-op.  It's funny to say that, as it is a two family co-op, but between her 7 and my 4 we have a decently sized group of students.  I am teaching elementary art, elementary science, middle school literature, high school literature, and photography.  She teaches high school chemistry, elementary literature, as well as math games to each age group.  We then travel to a local park or our parish gym for PE--so far we've tackled volleyball.  We meet once a week from 9 am to around 3 pm which really puts a sizable dent into one full day.  The lesson planning I do takes several hours each week and then I have papers to correct several times a month.  It has been quite an undertaking, but one very much worth while.

I've become even more involved in the choir in our parish.  I cantor at least once a month and then I sing for the Latin Mass once a quarter with our schola.  I need to rehearse at home nearly every day, especially as the Latin Mass date approaches.

I've really been focusing on exercising every day, so that also takes up a good chunk of time.  Then there is the garden, the chickens (which are all finally laying eggs ), and housekeeping in general.  

The kids are all doing very well in school and we are extremely pleased with the start we've had with the school year.  I still need to do a post about our homeschool plans for this year.  Angela is in 11th grade and has taken up hunting with her dad.  Katerina is in 8th grade and seems to finally overcome some of her difficulties in school--especially in regards to spelling and math. She has become an avid drawer--especially of manga/anime styled drawing.  I should post a couple of her pictures from several months apart.  It is absolutely amazing, the improvement she has made.  Benedict is working completely independently in his school work and has become an absolutely voracious reader.  I gave him the first Chronicle of Narnia book one night and by lunchtime the next day, he was done and begging for more. Leo is anxiously awaiting his 5th birthday in February.  He asks every morning how many more "years" until his birthday (he confuses days with years).

We seen Nadja most weekends and she is approaching graduation quickly.  She has a month left at the U.  She has applied to go on a mission with the SSVM this winter while she waits for her job at Salt Lake Mosquito Abatement to start up again in the spring.  Recently, she interned at the Natural History Museum during their Behind the Scenes weekend as an entomology docent.  She was in charge of organizing and setting up the mosquito display. She managed tickets for us and we spent a lovely Saturday afternoon exploring the museum.

Sr. Olivia continues to love life as a postulant with the SSVM.  We talk to her several times a month and she is so joyful and content.  She has continued to have health issues and we are feeling she may have a chronic illness related to her previous struggle with Lyme's Disease.  She is suffering from migraines, occasional nausea and dizziness, and her knee is still swollen and in pain. She's been on crutches since May.  Her orthopedist can find nothing wrong structurally and has sent her for testing with a neurologist.  Please keep her in your prayers.  Through all these struggles, she still hangs tight to her vocation with the sisters.  Her fortitude is really amazing.

There you have it. Life happens, but I will endeavor to begin posting here again. Pax!


Chere Mama said…
So glad to hear of all your doings. I have been thinking and praying for Sister Olivia. Sounds like your life is FULL of wonderful things.
Anonymous said…
Glad you are doing so well! It's a lot easier to keep up with Instagram than a blog right now for me. I'm enjoying your pics there.
IVE info blog said…
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