Welcome to my blog!  This first post will be a quick explanation of the purpose of this blog.  I suppose I should begin by introducing myself. My name is Mau.  I am married with children, in fact my hubby and I have six beautiful children ranging from 15 years old to nearly 2 years old. We are Roman Catholic in the true sense of the term.  We love being Catholic!  We love the Church, the Holy Father, the Mass and our Blessed Mother!

We home school our six kids and always have.  I also love being a home school mom!  I'm one of those moms that has next year planned before the current year is finished and I love new ideas and curricula.  I've tried packaged programs but I really enjoy building my own and doing my own thing.

We are also a military family.  My hubby has been in the Air Force 21 years and was prior enlisted in the Army for 2 years.  We love America and are proud to serve our country.

So what is the point of this blog?  For me it is a journal of my days as a wife, mother, educator, catholic, and any other title I can think of for myself.  I've come to realize how fleeting this time is and I want to document, as much as I can, our lives together. I hope to encourage other women like myself, express ideas--new and old, share my thoughts, joys, frustrations, and often very strong opinions.  The topics are limitless!

So once again, welcome and God Bless!


momto5minnies said…
Your blog looks great! I really enjoy just typing away and telling a bit about my life.

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